Easy Connect S.r.l. all along proposes itself to the market as a company very interested to its customers, and who tries at best to satisfy their exigencies with collaboration and sincerity, by providing clear contracts and high quality tested products..

From may 2004 the company has been undertaking a new certification for the complete satisfaction not only of its customers, but also of its employees; so, Easy Connect s.r.l. engaged to obtain within 2004 the certification on the Social Responsibility according to the Sa8000 law, a goal reached in due time.

According to this law, Easy Connect s.r.l. undertakes to:

  • Respect all the national and international laws on fundamental man rights and on staff treatment on the workplace.
  • Not to use juvenile work, not even for short periods
  • Not to recourse to obliged work
  • Guarantee to its employees a workplace as safe and healthy as possible
  • Let the employees free to associate to joint dealing organizations
  • Hire staff in accordance with the company requests but without applying any form of discrimination
  • Fairly pay its employees according to the national contract and guarantee them a right working hours
  • Implement its quality management system, continue to improve it by following the ISO 9001:2008 regulation, conform it to the SA8000 regulation requirements

The last goal of our engagement is to:

  • Guarantee to our customer a Quality product, obtained without any damage to the human dignity
  • Guarantee that the suppliers we choose are qualified both for the quality of their products, and for their engagement to guarantee the integrity of every man.
  • Guarantee to our employees a safe workplace, protected and respectful of all their rights of human beings.