The hot melt are thermo plastic resins completely free from solvents or from other products which can be harmful to the health, they guarantee an effective mechanical seal and an extremely long length

The thermal window of use goes from -30° to +150°c at atmospheric pressure.

The application process is very simple since the material is taken to the liquid state and then injected at very low pressure about 3 bar inside a simple aluminum mould.

This technique presents numberless advantages:

  • The low injection pressure does not modify the interior part of eventual components
  • The characteristics of these resins guarantee excellent performances
  • The low cost of production beginning due to moulds in aluminum instead of steel
  • No production scraps

The particular co-printed fabrics guarantee a particular efficient protection against dirty and humidity penetration.

There are practically numberless application fields, from the protection of special electro mechanics, coils impregnation, cables blocking, above construction of connectors, fairleads of pins.

Furthermore, this technique guarantees: impermeability, mechanical resistance, resistance to thermal sudden changes, global safety of the finished system, anti-tampering and cheapness of the process.